New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

It is the responsibility of both, mother and father to support their child and to make sure their child has adequate food, shelter and clothing. New Jersey determines a parent’s child support obligation by using the Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines were developed to provide the court with economic information to assist in establishing fair and adequate child support awards and modifying the awards as necessary. It is important to note that the guidelines take into consideration certain expenses/costs a parent may have such as, work-related child care expenses, medical insurance premiums for the child, and other support obligations.

The guidelines must be used in contested and uncontested cases. It is a rebuttable presumption, which means that an award based on the guidelines is assumed to be the correct amount of child support unless a party proves to the court that circumstances exist that make a guidelines-based award inappropriate in the specific case.

If you have any questions about your child support obligation or a child support award, you should speak to an experienced attorney who can answer your questions.

By: Marysol Rosado Thomas, Esq.